A Downside to the Upstairs

“It was a fine idea in autumn

In the palest afternoons

Parallelograms of sunlight

Fell across the room.

I woke up and it was winter

With the rain across the roofs

And the weather turned me into a bit of a recluse

If I needed an excuse.”

Marty Donald

 Well the weather’s turning, and while the Northern Hemisphere throws its layers off and rejoices in the sun, those of us at the bottom of the world are digging around for woollen socks andcardigans. Winter is on its way, and while that means the working day just got harder to wake into, it also means slow-cooked casseroles in heavy lidded pots, hand-knitted scarves and beanies, knee high boots and opaque tights, pots of tea, and crisp autumn days. And today was one of those days. One of those days where the sky is endlessly blue and the fairy floss clouds slowly float by.

Today was also the new art and craft market at Eveleigh Carriage Works, which I believe will be appearing every first Sunday of the month.  I went along with Petal and Poppet and checked it out. I think we got there a little early,




as only a few stalls were set up, but that just gave us an excuse to wander back into Redfern for breakfast. Redfern has one of my fave cafes, Ellas, with the best bagels, but alas it’s not open on a Sunday.

By 10.30am the craft market was in full swing. There were maybe 30 stalls, all stocked with items lovingly crafted by hand. There were some beautiful little cordorouy kick skirts and pinafores for the Number One Little Girl in your life, hand-printed tea towels which were too beautiful to dry dishes with, gorgous little calico and applique lunchbags (which I meant to go back and buy), vintage button brooches, knitted baby beanies that looked like something Snugglepot and Cuddlepie would wear, buckets of kale and roses (which sounds like a fashion label), handmade cards, linoprints, handbound notebooks, and of course, coffee, which we curled up in the sun with. The Carriageworks is a great place for a market – it’s the home of the newish Eveleigh Famers market as well as Finders Keepers, which is only thirteen days away. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it, particularly when the craft markets are on.


markets-after Once we’d put the world to rights, we went our separate ways, and I raced home for a crafternoon! I dived into some purple spots



And then did the unthinkable.


I know. I need another cast on like I need a hole in the head. But this paprika wool has been calling me since I got the sewing room into shape, and I just couldn’t resist it anymore. It should be a quick project, as those are 10mm circulars, but I’m making this one up as I go, so perhaps holding your breath is not such a good idea. But clearly this is what happens when a girl tidies up; she’s forced to start another project.

Speaking of new projects, I have terrible news. I’ve learned to crochet! I’ve joined the Brown Owls, and the wonderful Corrie taught us last week at Berkelouw. I’d show you a photo, but I forgot my camera. Anyway, we learned grannie squares, which are strangely addictive. I feel like I’m cheating on knitting by saying this, but I love crochet. It’s such a different beast to knitting, and the motion of making the stitches is rahter hypnotic. Dare I admit to having another craft? I really only want to make ripple blankets; it’s all Alicia’s  fault. I’ve been putting off crochet for years, even knitted a version of the ripple blanket, which I’ve only just finished. But it hasn’t turned out the way I wanted, which means it will be unpicked (damn you planets in Virgo) but perhaps I’ll put it on the bed this winter and think about the unravelling in summer.