Cruise Control

The Headless Chickens are playing Homebake next Sat, it almost makes me want to go. But then I remember 15,000 people + 12 portaloos = misery.

Blogs are a bit of a committment, aren’t they? Most of my blog reading is done at work, in my lunch hour. Because I spend all day on a computer, the last thing I want to do when I come home is get in front of another one. I just want to spend as much time as I can making things, replenishing my soul. Which makes me a bad blogger. I’m trying to replace my bad habits with good habits, and having an active blog is one of those good habits.  So the following is what’s been keeping me from blogging.

Some Bridal karma and  a t-shirt for a little birthday boy

katies-veil3  dashie-cool4

a package in the post. Leah, I promise I’ll link your website here, but technology is getting the better of me, and I just need a lie down.



a frock for Australia


An ebay bargain (I heart ebay) and some upholstery shampoo


which promptly became someone’s new sleeping spot. It’s a hard life.


I cast on a new project/belated birthday pressie.

This is it’s fourth incarnation.                                    And I watched far too much tv while this grew.



I watched sunsets and storms from the back balcony.


Oh, and after much tooing, frooing and talking to everyone on the planet, I finally bought one of these.


 I’m bloody exhausted. 


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